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About Us

Through B4Health, hospitals and healthcare facilities have an opportunity to realize short term benefits both in cost and time efficiency while applying long term solutions to build flexible business models around staffing acquisition and retention.
B4Health brings significant and immediate cost and time savings to facilities by streamlining scheduling, time management, skills inventory and credential monitoring. the communication of shift opportunities, identification of the best job candidates and the real-time ability to fill vacancies.

Our industry leading technology "Total Shift Control" application is built with current technology giving heightened security and privacy capabilities to reduce duplication of services and achieve greater efficiency.

  • We are positioned in the industry as the premium, low cost leader with the most flexible, robust solution.
  • Everything your organization needs is in one package (no hidden costs).
  • Our service and partnership is unparalleled as defined by past performance.
  • Dedication to the continuous improvement of business processes and functions.

Innovative approaches to staffing aligned with your organization's strategic goals

B4Health's Total Shift Control is the premium, full featured Workforce Shift Management solution.
Total Shift Control features ease of customization for the unique needs of a hospital system or nursing facility. Implementation is quick and does not force potentially unwanted changes to internal company policy or procedure. While the product is exceptionally robust and easy to use, customizations to meet unique organizational needs are a key factor in acceptability and full use of the application. B4Health has engineered flexibility into the product that permits extensive customizations in a short timeframe. There is one central application allowing a custom interface for each client without forcing another instance of the application. This results in less need for internal IT support.




  • Automate workforce scheduling
  • Efficiently manage and priority share/fill open shift opportunities with defined workforce populations
  • Eliminate redundant current effort
  • Electronically manage, control, report and audit workforce credential compliance
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Strategically manage staffing agencies when and if used
  • Significantly reduce the time spent manually filling vacancies with phone calls, faxes and emails
  • Record agency personnel time and attendance with Voice integrated technology
  • Automated, electronic staffing agency invoicing and cost accounting
  • Report on any and all data within the system
  • Use Bi-directional Integrated Voice Response on award notifications, shift preference matching and shift requests